MS Students Share Water Lesson at McFall

Those are some of the questions TK Middle School students posed to younger students at McFall recently. A group of seventh-graders from Tom Williamson’s social perceptions class spent some time reading books with McFall students about water and how we use and need it every day.

Before visiting McFall, middle school students read the book “A Long Walk to Water.” The book is the true story of one of the Sudanese “Lost Boys” and how he eventually came to America. He was educated and returned to his home region in southern Sudan to establish a foundation installing deep-water wells in remote villages. The story also tells about a young girl who lives in one of those small villages and has had to walk for hours daily just to get water for her family.

After reading the book, students discussed the global water crisis, how it affects everyone and what can be done to help prevent the crisis from continuing.

 “I wanted my students to understand that not everyone in the world has immediate access to water like we do and then I wanted them to share what they learned with the first graders,” said Williamson.

The seventh-graders then researched children’s books about water and selected a few to read to the McFall students.  “Water Dance,”  “Flotsam, “The Water Hole,” and “A Cool Drink of Water” were just a few of the favorite titles. Each book told different stories about how water is used daily.

Middle school students prepared discussion questions to help McFall students think about how much water they use every day and often take for granted.

Williamson said he likes the interaction between the older and younger students and giving his middle school class a chance to share what they’ve learned.