TK School Counselors

Welcome to the Thornapple Kellogg Middle School Student Services! We are here to help you and your student through the middle school years. 



Counselor Contact Information:

Steve Guikema, School Counselor 

sguikema@tkschools.org, 269-795-5475

Sandy Klein, School Counselor/Social Worker

sklein@tkschools.org, 269-795-5574

Raegen Davis, Student Services Secretary

rdavis@tkschools.org, 269-795-5476



School counselors help students examine their feelings and fears in a safe and confidential environment. To ensure this process will be beneficial to the student, we treat each child as an individual who has specific needs and interests. We help students explore their thoughts, goals and behaviors, which can then lead to increased insight and understanding of themselves. This process of self-exploration can be both challenging and exciting.