TKMS to Perform “Annie Jr.”

The play is directed by Middle School teacher Laura Nikkel and middle and high school choir director Laura Oprea.


Cast members include:  Emilia Rickert as Annie, Ava Zellmer as Molly, Alyssa Spurgeon as Kate, Reese Braska as Tessie, Abby Dumond as Pepper, Scarlett Yarington as July, Sydney Myers as Duffy, Charlotte Nelson as Miss Hannigan, Whitney Ruger as Grace Farrell, Jonas Grummet as Oliver Warbucks, James Seaben as Rooster, Caroline Hannapel as Lily, Cash Rabley as Bundles McCloskey, Katie Comeau as apple seller, Mason Beard as dog catcher, Lukas Walters as Officer Ward, Jacob Newland as Drake, Lizzie Middleton as Cecille, Kaymn Hiemstra as Sandy, Mallory Hageman as Annette, Margaret Richards as Mrs. Greer, Jaelynn VanderSyde as Mrs. Pugh, Michael Sager-Wissner as Bert Healy, Cash Rabley as sound effects, Jake Kelley as President Roosevelt, Ethan Haveman as Louis Howe, Cash Rabley as chauffer, Emma Neff as usherette, Harmony Laker as star-to-be, and the orphan chorus of Ellie Baranek, Charlie Manrose and Emma Reil and servant chorus of  Vivian Miller.