TK Middle School Students Will Present “Aladdin Jr.”

“Aladdin Jr.” is part of the Broadway Jr. series by Music Theatre International which adapts full-length musicals into shorter productions for middle school students. Even though it’s a shortened version of the original, the musical will not disappoint “Aladdin” fans who will easily recognize many of the familiar songs performed by TK Middle School choir students and the cast members.

Cast members include Erin Kridler as the Genie, Alex Evans as Aladdin, Reese Braska as Jasmine, Ava Zellmer as Babkak, Avery Hagemann as Omar, Ellie Baranek as Kassim, Anthony Sager Wissner as Sultan, Jacob Newland as Jafar, Reyne Liesenfelder as Iago, Molly Alden as Isir, Brie Dykstra as Manal, Emma English as Rajah, and Lucas Eggers as Razoul. Several other students also appear as members in the marketplace and other various roles.

The musical is directed by choir director Laura Oprea.