TKMS Brings “The Tragicomedy of Julia Caesar” to Stage

This is a fun-filled play featuring a cast of more than 30 talented students. The play is about two people, Sarah and Dave, who think it will be fun to direct a play for drama club. What could go wrong?

They’ll run into some problems including a diva who wants to play the lead, wants to control the story and wants a post-death dance number. Rome, in this play, is in Georgia, Brutus is allergic to peanut butter and there might be a giant killer robot on his way to crush Caesar's enemies. Nothing wrong at all!

Emma Johnson and Logan Flynn play the two characters who want to direct the play. Adelaide Holderman is cast as Julia Caesar with Karsyn Boersma as Marcia Brutus, her best friend, Maddi Cruz as the evil Cassie, and Alex Evans as Mark Antony.

Come out and enjoy this fun-filled production and support the TKMS drama program. This play is directed by TKMS teacher Damon Cove.