TKMS Spelling Bee Winners Crowned

As the final two competitors, Phillips and Wilbur quickly went through the final four rounds with each correctly spelling word after word before Wilbur stumbled in round 12 on the word “animatronics.”  Phillips correctly spelled “bilge” in the 12th round and then spelled “pullets” to claim the championship.

The pair were the last two battling each other since the eighth round after three sixth graders - Sam Teunessen, Landon Lambitz, and Lexi Filipiak - were all eliminated in round seven.

There were 24 students competing Friday morning for the school title after each won their individual classroom championships. Both Phillips and Wilbur will advance and represent TKMS in the district spelling bee in 2024.

The TKMS contestants this year were Sam Teunessen, Jacob Myers, Jay Colon, Landon Lambitz, Kai Carpenter, Lexi Filipiak, Zoie Gemoets, Mitchell Archambault, Cameron VanderHulst, Nic Ruth, Mara Raak, Josie Raphael, Henry Kiste, Ethan Moeller, Tripp Helzer, Breckin McWhinney, Jimmy Holmes, Cooper Rasey, Brendan Stockwell, Penn Phillips, Trace Pfeifer, Rex Fishell, Arik Wilbur, Amellia Williams.