TKMS Teen Gives Rather Than Receives

 Hudson turned 13 in April, but instead of asking friends and relatives for gifts for himself, said he wanted to do something for others.  He asked relatives for gift cards to sporting goods stores so he could purchase soccer supplies to send to children in Malawi, Africa. He's asking classmates and friends to donate new and used soccer balls and jerseys as well.
"I just feel like I reached God in a way I never really felt possible before," said DeHaan. "I felt the need to do this." 
Hudson said kids in Africa use plastic bags for soccer balls and do without other soccer equipment and supplies.  
Hudson said he was inspired when other classmates did similar service projects for their birthdays. "I just thought it was something I could do and I feel good about it," he said.
He is also teaming up with another boy about his age out of a soccer club in Grand Raids. Hudson used to play for the GR soccer team Midwest United and contacted the organization to see if they could help in any way.
By working together, the boys will find a safe way to ship their items to make sure they arrive in  Africa and will share the cost of shipping. 
"It's going to cost a lot to ship the things to Africa, but I'm going to do it," Hudson said. 
"I'm going to feel really good knowing I can help someone else," Hudson said. "I'm hoping we can get some photos back of the kids playing and wearing their new jerseys and stuff.  That would be really cool."
Donations can be dropped off until June 8 at the Middle School, Lee Elementary School or at the Walker, Fluke, and Sheldon office at 525 Apple St.,  in Hastings.