Students Collect Stuffed Animals to Bring Comfort to Children

In 2016, 5-year-old Kyler Germinder of Delton started Kyler's 3 B's. The 3 B's stand for Be Brave Bears.

Kyler collects and donates stuffed animals to hospitals and police departments to comfort children in stressful situations. TK students decided to help out and asked sixth graders to donate new or gently used stuffed animals to give to Kyler's 3B's which in turn donates the stuffed animals to various hospitals, police, and agencies who help youngsters facing difficult situations.

Kyler's mom, Shelly, said she and Kyler are overwhelmed by the amount of community support the effort has received.

"We have been truly blessed the community has really embraced Kyler's 3 B's. It has been an amazing collaboration of businesses, schools and individuals. Seeing just how generous these communities are is so humbling especially when it comes from children," said Shelly.

She said the collection drive by TKMS students far exceeded expectations.

Kyler's 3B's continues delivering stuffed animals to agencies and departments who in turn offer them as comfort to youngsters dealing with stressful situations.

Before the stuffed animals are sent off, each one is inspected to make sure it is clean and free from any loose items. They are also counted and a special note attached reminding the recipient of the 3B's  - Be Brave Bears.

"We couldn't be more proud to part of such a loving community that is fostering such amazing young people for a very bright future," Shelly said.

TKMS students filled large bags with the donated items and said it made them feel good to be able to help others.

The Teen Leadership class takes on a special project each quarter during the school year. The classes are led by Mary Francisco and Stacy Knorr.