TK Middle School Writers Advance to State Contest

A program of the Elks’ Grand Lodge Fraternal Committee, this contest is geared toward students in fifth through eighth grades to promote patriotism among young people. The local contest was open to all Barry County students.

The following are excerpts from each of the essays:

“The special people we call veterans, take months or even up to years out of their lives to serve and fight for our freedom that we need. From their strong, physical work to their kind hearts, veterans could most definitely be one of America’s best heroes.” - Jacqueline Aguiar

“Our veterans are America’s heroes because they fought for our country. Even if it hurt their families and friends. But, they did it so we could all be safe from harm. They are heroes because no matter how dangerous the war was they fought like there was no tomorrow.”  - Rozalynn Reaser

 “A veteran is a true hero because they have sacrificed the unthinkable to do the unimaginable and survived uncapturable events. Something that will change their lives forever.” - Aubrey Bischoff