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MS Students, Staff Handle Emergency Situation Smoothly

After middle school students were safely back in their regular classrooms and the regular school day resumed, Principal Kelli Wegner said she was extremely pleased with how the students and staff reacted. The building was evacuated this morning after a small fire in a bathroom trash can was detected and smoke filled a hallway.

Students Gain Rich Sense of History in Classroom Exercise

“I’ll give you five cows for some gold,” one student offered. Another provided three sheep and some beads. These kinds of trades were being made throughout the seventh-grade social studies classrooms taught by Mr. Wilkinson and Mr. Cove as students studied the ancient civilization of Mesopotamia.

TK Teachers Honored for Going Above and Beyond

Three teachers were honored with the Shelley Erb “Above and Beyond Award” given annually by the Thornapple Kellogg Education Association. Erb is a retired first-grade teacher whose endless energy and enthusiasm for teaching is the inspiration for the award given annually to a teacher who goes above and beyond what’s expected.

Family First for TK Science Teacher

Many people think of a perfect day as relaxing on some tropical beach or reaching new heights on some grand adventure. Shaun Davis said those kinds of things are great, but if he had to describe his perfect day it would be spending time with his wife, Pamela, and his family having a barbecue in his own backyard and enjoying the sounds of his grandchildren laughing.

MS Students Collect Light and Temperature Data

Is the ground hotter covered with grass, cement or some other ground covering? What type of surface also gathers the most light? How do they all compare and how does it all affect ecosystems? All questions seventh grade students had to try and answer using handheld temperature and light sensor probes.

Order your TKMS Yearbook Now

20-21 Yearbooks are on sale now. Printed forms can be found on the table outside of the main office or click the headline above. Place your order in the Middle School Office today for a soft bound in color yearbook for the 2020-2021 School Year.

Yearbooks will be available during Registration in August of 2021. $25.
No orders will be accepted after May 28 at the end of the school day (2:20 pm).
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